Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Song Analysis 2

“Sorry” by Buckcherry
With Grammy nominations and numerous musical awards, Buckcherry has been one of the most recognized bands in the past decade. Founded in 1995, the band broke up after drugs and solo projects sidetracked the musicians. Buckcherry released their most successful album, 15, in 2006 after founder Josh Todd reunited the band in 2005 to produce a final album, but no one anticipated its success. Tracks from the album have had success in the United States, manly on the Billboard Top 100 charts. Buckcherry, in the past, has toured with mega rock stars Motley Crue, Papa Roach, and Avenged Sevenfold.
Buckcherry has been known in the past for their hard rocking songs that have sold thousands of copies. However, one of their latest songs entitled “Sorry” does not follow the same direction the band is used to. The slow and regretful love song written from lead singer Josh Todd’s heartache speaks to many couples. The overall meaning of the song deals with the regret and forgiveness the narrator feels for his loved one in their relationship. The identity could possibly be a girlfriend or a parental figure who has known the narrator in the past. The line “while I was away” indicates that the narrator has recently been separated from the one they feel regretful for. “Sorry” is written beautifully and greatly displays the theme of regret.
Regret is apparent in almost every line of Buckcherry’s “Sorry.” A main example of the narrator’s regret is with the continuously use of the lyric “I’m sorry.” The repetitive use emphasizes the narrator’s sincere apology, and overall enhances the song. The narrator is regretful for his absence in the relationship and his actions. There is also evidence that the relationship was abusive. “I’m sorry you’re blue” could refer to the bruises that have been caused by assault. The narrator also takes responsibility for his actions by stating “I think I’m to blame.” The honesty and remorse the narrator displays shows his true character and regret.
Poetic devices are found within the lyrics of “Sorry.” Anadiplosis is present in the lyrics “I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry you're blue, I'm sorry about all things I said to you” The use of the same idea, the narrators regret, at the beginning of consecutive lines qualifies these lyrics as anadiplosis. The use of anadiplosis reinforces the thought of regret in the listeners mind. Rhyme is found in numerous places throughout the lyrics. One example of rhyme in “Sorry” is the lyric “I love all your sounds, and baby the way you make my world go round.” The repetitive use of the same sounds helps the listener to remember the song and create a catchy tune. Poetic devices help to enhance the musical lyrics used in songs.
The songs victim can be interpreted in many ways, each with its own scenario. If in fact the sufferer is a girlfriend, the narrator is sorry for his recent abusive relationship. He blames himself for the troubled times and takes responsibility for the pain he has caused her. The song can also be seen as the narrator and a parental figure. He may now be sorry for his childhood or a recent action that has caused pain to the family. The narrator now wants to apologize for his actions and try to re-heal. A third interpretation of

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